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Insulation provides many different benefits, such as heat loss and noise reduction. But did you know that insulation can also provide ongoing pest control? With TAP® insulation, an eco and financial friendly product, all of these great benefits are rolled into one convenient product.

Each season brings with it a variety of reasons to have proper insulation in your home. If you don’t know the last time your home was insulated, Allied Termite and Pest Control can help!

TAP® Insulation Benefits

This EPA-registered pest control insulation is an innovative solution created by grinding up old newspapers into small pieces. TAP comes from:

  • Thermal – During the creation process, the newspaper fibers connect together to form air pockets. These air pockets provide a thermal quality to the insulation – keeping the air inside your home and preventing loss. This quality is what gives TAP Insulation its Energy Star seal of approval.
  • Acoustical – The air pockets that provide thermal regulation also reduce the amount of sound that resonates through your ceiling. Wherever TAP insulation is installed into the ceiling section of a home has a reduced amount of outside noise coming in and inside noise going out. 
  • Pest Control – During the creation process a borate mixture is combined with the newspaper fibers for pest control purposes. This borate mixture is unique in its ability to kill pests without them needing to ingest the insulation itself. When an insect crawls through the insulation, borate will adhere to the outside of the insect. When it goes to clean itself later, it will ingest the borate. Borate cannot be metabolized by insects and will ultimately lead to their demise. 

Benefits of Pest Control Insulation

In addition to it’s thermal, acoustical, and pest control benefits, this insulation is also:

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Newspaper fibers and borate are non-toxic to humans, making it a safer option for homes with pets, children, and sensitive individuals.
  • Eco-Friendly: This treated insulation is environmentally friendly. It will break down naturally and not contribute to the contamination of water, soil, or air. 
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Treated insulation lasts for several years and will provide protection for this duration. Unlike chemical pesticides, insulation is installed once. 
  • Pest-Prevention: For current pest infestations and future ones, treated insulation has both routes covered.
  • Financial Savings: Unlike chemical pesticides that can become costly based on frequency, treated insulation is applied once. The thermal qualities of this insulation will help you save on heating and cooling costs. 

Professional Installation

Treated insulation has many advantages over conventional pest control options. With all EPA-rated pest control options, they must be applied by a licensed professional. The experts with Allied Termite & Pest Control are licensed to apply any form of pesticide. With over 48 years of experience, our innovative solutions provide you with ongoing protection to live your life pest-free. 

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