The Mid-South falls within the Mississippi Delta. Our hot, moist climate is very hospitable for termites. Coupled with Memphis’ mild winters, termite infestations are a year-round issue in the region. Fortunately, Allied can help with termite extermination and prevention at your home or business.

Unless your home is being treated regularly for termites, you are subject to new termite infestations and termite damage. Maintaining an in-date contract can help protect your home from future termite issues and repairs.

It is possible as termites live and breed in the soil. Termites also wander and forage within a 200-300 feet radius, meaning that is residential areas, termites can infest multiples areas and homes as they feed on various types of wood.

To date, Formosan termites have not been identified in the Memphis and surrounding areas. They naturally live in the coastal South and have been shipped into other areas via landscape and railroad timbers from these areas.

No, different pest issues require different forms of treatment. Allied’s termite contract covers a soil treatment to establish a barrier to prevent termites from entering the house through the soil. Allied’s treatment is specially designed for the Mid-South’s subterranean termites.

No, any new termite treatment on a contracted home is limited to new termite infestation, destruction of the existing termiticide barriers, or infestation in a specific area. Allies provides complimentary general pest control treatment to the exterior of your home at the time of the annual service.

In the Memphis and surrounding areas, ants, spiders, large cockroaches, rats and mice are the most common pests. Other pests that Allied encounters regularly are fleas, ticks, German (kitchen) cockroaches, bedbugs, ground beetles, millipedes, wasps, yellow jackets, cereal beetles, clothing and carpet moths, flies, mosquitos and ladybugs. For a full list of common Mid-South insects, visit Allied’s pest library.

Ants like to nest where moisture and a wooden cavity exist. Many ants just want to live there, but carpenter ants from a nearby tree can and will damage the structure. Allied can provide proper identification to assess the ant issue.

Any product that controls pests has a toxic effect, but many products in use by the termite and pest control industry are less toxic than Aspirin. Safety is a top priority at Allied; all our technicians are trained on proper safety procedures. Additionally, we make sure before any treatment that your pets and children do not have certain allergies and are not present while we treat your pest problem. Your technician will explain your unique pest problem and pest treatment plan, as well as any safety precautions, during a short consultation.

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