Residential Pest Control

Family-friendly service, year-round protection.

Your home should be a place to relax and recharge, but pests can make that difficult. Pests in your home act as a nuisance, can cause damage and some can be dangerous. Allied’s pest technicians want to ensure that your home remains pest free so that you can enjoy it.

Allied’s pest exterminators start each visit by discussing the issues you’re having with pests. We want to tailor our services to fit your lifestyle, so we’ll ensure that we consider any pets or children in the home before performing our extermination services.

At Allied, we offer an annual treatment plan that helps eliminate and prevent some of the most common Mid-South pests. These rodents and pests find their way into your home through cracks and crevices searching for food or warmth. If left untreated, these infestations can become serious problems that require more severe treatment options. But, through four treatments performed throughout the year, Allied can protect your home from ants, cockroaches, spiders, crickets, rats, mice and silverfish.


Allied only uses EPA registered materials to ensure your family’s safety.

Specialized Pest Treatments

Some pests require specialized treatments. Allied can provide you with a pest extermination quote for the following type of pest infestations.

Carpenter Bees
Carpenter bees make nests in dead wood or bamboo by tunneling. These can often be confused with bumblebees; however, their bodies are shiny and not hairy. While typically not dangerous, carpenter bees are considered a pest due to their aggressive behavior and damage they cause to wood. If you’re dealing with carpenter bees, call Allied to receive a quote.

Wasps are a common issue in the Memphis area during the summer. They primarily become an issue when nesting near buildings and homes. If approached by humans or responded to aggressively wasps can sting. If you have a wasp infestation, let a pest control expert at Allied handle extermination.

Yellow Jackets
Yellow jackets are a subspecies of wasps and behave in much the same way. However, yellow jackets tend to be much more aggressive than regular wasps. A yellow jacket nest should only be dealt with by professionals, contact Allied Termite and Pest Control for a quote.

Lady Bugs
Lady bug infestations are typically caused by Asian lady beetles. These beetles are known to hibernate during the winter, but can sometimes find their way into our homes. While not harmful, they can be a nuisance in large numbers. Contact Allied for help with your lady bug pest control.

Brown Recluse Spider
Known for its necrotic venom, the brown recluse is one of only three spiders in North America that has venom requiring medical intervention. These spiders are drawn to dark places that allow them to hide, often found in closets, attics and basements. They are also drawn to homes with overgrowth. Due the danger of a brown recluse infestation, it is important to call a pest control expert immediately if you find one in your home.

Fire Ants
Fire ants are a type of stinging ants that prefer warm, sunny conditions, making them a common Memphis pest. If you’re dealing with fire ants in your yard, contact your Allied exterminators.

Fleas and Ticks
These pests are most commonly associated with pets. However, both can transfer serious diseases to humans and animals. Fleas and ticks, are known to attach to fur or skin and can be carried inside. Because of the havoc these intruders cause, quick action is required to eliminate them.

Mosquitos are a well-known pest in the Memphis areas. They are drawn to standing water and carry diseases transmitted through bites. If you are dealing with an overwhelming infestation of mosquitos, reach out to Allied’s extermination experts for a quote.

Bed Bugs
Once in your home, bed bugs can multiply quickly and infest your entire home. They are very small and can be difficult to detect. However, they do bite and cause rashes in humans and animals. Because they can easily be carried to other locations, bed bugs should be dealt with quickly. If you have a bed bug infestation, reach out to Allied immediately.

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Excellent service today. Josh kept us informed of his arrival time. Professional and knowledgeable, treated the whole house and even found some problem areas we hadn’t noticed. Highly recommended.
Greg O'Boyle
I am very happy with the level of service we receive. Our service agent Josh always asks if we have issues that need to be addressed. He arrives on time and as scheduled. We appreciate his expertise and concern for our bug-free environment. He is dog-friendly as well!
The guys at Allied Pest here in Fayette County are top notch. They always explain what they're going to do and always do a thorough job. Besides my local business, they also take care of my home termite control. Great company and friendly staff. I regularly recommend them to friends.
Christopher McKnight
Lance and Josh were both absolutely AMAZING!! From the initial phone call to the consult and our couldn't have been easier. I have never met more competent, courteous, and kind professionals. Bonus, they're very affordable, too! Thank you so much!!
Danielle Davis
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