Michael R. Atkeison, P.E.


Mike is a civil engineer registered in the state of Tennessee. His expertise lies in concrete, foundation and heavy concrete construction, and foundation engineering. His 25 years of experience in the related fields of civil engineering have allowed him to provide expertise in the constructional area of termite and pest control. However, by working as a team and focusing on continual training, he quickly learned other areas of termite and pest control from his experienced crew and is now able to join them in providing unrivaled customer service. When Mike isn’t in the office or visiting with his clients, he’ll be chasing wild turkeys in the spring, playing competitive golf in the summer, and hunting in the fall and winter. His motto: work hard so you can play hard!.

David Pence

General Manager & Technical Director

David has been managing Allied since 2004. He has an Environmental Health Science degree and his vast experience of more than 40 years puts him on the same knowledge level as that of an entomologist (zoologist who studies insects). He has assisted and mentored termite and pest control technicians in both residential and commercial facilities, such as the 19-acre Wrigley Company chewing gum facility and various FedEx hubs, office buildings, hangers and even airplane tarmac. Prior to Allied, he was a technical specialist for 14 years serving the states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri and Arkansas. Not only has he held various Pest Control Association titles, such as past president of the Greater Memphis Area Pest Control Assoc., but he is also a regular speaker & identification “go-to” for termite and pest control recertification training classes of multiple national pest companies and organizations.

Billy Hopper
Termite Service Manager Billy has been with Allied since 1978. He has nearly 40 years of experience in the termite and pest control industry, with licenses and certifications in Tennessee and Mississippi. Billy is our in-house termite guru; we joke that if a termite was in a haystack, he’d be able to find it. Outside of work, Billy enjoys horseback riding and spending time with his family.
Bob Helms

Commercial Termite and Pest Control Technician

Bob has more than 20 years of experience in commercial termite and pest control and is certified in Tennessee. He is extremely knowledgeable about the local pests in the Mid-South, from insects to rodents. An outdoorsman at heart, he enjoys fishing, boating and traveling with his family in his spare time.

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