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Mosquitoes are attracted to parts of your backyard or garden that provide breeding grounds. They need stagnant water to reproduce. Keeping mosquitoes from returning to your property requires making your property less enticing to them in the first place. This includes: 

  • Removing standing water 
  • Maintaining your yard
  • Covering spas, pools, birdbaths 
  • Clearing clogged gutters
  • Installing screens on windows and doors
  • Installing or utilizing fans
  • Getting professional mosquito inspections before mosquito season

Why Do I Have So Many Mosquitoes in My Backyard?

Certain places are more prone to mosquitoes. If your summer climate is humid or you live close to heavily wooded areas, expect more mosquito activity. They will occupy your backyard if they find suitable breeding sites, so eliminating mosquito attractions is vital. 

6 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard 

The best things you can do to keep mosquitoes away from your Memphis, TN metro area yard include:

  1. Eliminate Stagnant Water: Eliminate standing water in buckets, flower pots, bird baths, tarps, and similar items. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water.
  2. Get Fish For Your Pond:  Consider introducing fish to your ponds and keeping the water in motion. Certain types of fish feed on mosquito larvae, and an agitator will keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs.
  3. Install Screens: Install screens on both windows and doors. By doing so, you can keep mosquitoes out and enjoy fresh air without the nuisance of these pests entering your home.
  4. Maintain Your Garden and Yard: Maintain your garden and lawn regularly, keeping the grass short and the plants and bushes trimmed to eliminate potential resting areas for mosquitoes.
  5. Install Fans: Mosquitoes dislike windy conditions and are relatively weak in flight. Installing fans can assist in pushing them away from your outdoor areas.
  6. Inspect Your Yard Regularly: Always be on the lookout for possible mosquito breeding sites and eliminate them promptly. Hiring a professional mosquito exterminator can provide valuable assistance in this endeavor.

How Does Professional Mosquito Treatment Prevent Infestations?

Should the previously mentioned mosquito prevention measures fail to stop an infestation in your yard, it’s essential to enlist the help of your local mosquito exterminators. At Allied Termite & Pest Control, our team of experts is dedicated to tackling mosquito issues head-on. We work closely with you to implement a tailored plan that includes repellents, exclusion efforts, and other effective strategies to keep mosquitoes at bay in your yard. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor enjoyment. Let us help you reclaim your space.Back to Mosquito Prevention

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