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Pest Control for Your Home

Trust Allied experienced exterminators to keep your residential property pest-free* all year long.

Trusted Pest Control For Your Home

At Allied Termite & Pest Control, our exterminators keep your residential property pest-free*, year-round.

Residential Pest Control for Memphis TN Metro Area Homes

Serving Collierville | Somerville | Atoka | Bartlett

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the safety of your family and property. Insects and rodents may start as mere nuisances but can quickly become a potential threat. Simply put, your home deserves to be free from unwelcome pests.

At Allied Termite & Pest Control, we take a proactive approach to pest control. Our focus is not only on eliminating pests but also on ensuring they never return. Whether you’re looking to prevent ants from invading your kitchen or keep bothersome wildlife away from your property boundaries, we have a residential pest control plan tailored to meet your needs.

With our 48 years of experience, you can rely on our dedicated team of residential exterminators to employ the most effective methods, guaranteeing a pest-free* home for good.

Choose Pest-Free Living with Allied Termite & Pest Control

The warm weather here in Memphis TN Metro Area makes it a wonderful place to live, but that also means we deal with pest problems all year long. That’s why Allied offers ongoing pest control that not only gets rid of infestations, but also prevents them from coming back. We focus on removal, exclusion, and prevention – all backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee! From one-time service appointments to our PestFree365+ program, we offer a variety of solutions that are tailored to your needs. And, because all of our experts are well-versed in local pest behaviors, you can expect long-term results that will really give you peace of mind. 

Benefits of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Techniques

We believe that the best pest control is rooted in a strong understanding of pest biology and behavior, which is why our technicians implement IPM techniques. Using IPM strategies allows us to create customized solutions that address the root cause of your infestation. Focusing on reducing sources of food, water, and shelter for pests allows us to reduce our usage of pesticides. IPM-based pest control services are great because they:

  • Limit the use of pesticides for a safer and more eco-friendly service
  • Offer fast relief and long-term protection against returning infestations
  • Are completely personalized to your property and lifestyle
  • Use convenient treatments that work even when you’re away from home

Why Get Home Pest Control From Allied Termite & Pest Control?

Allied Termite & Pest Control is a locally operated pest control company that has been around for more than 48 years. We use EPA-registered materials, and our mission is to protect you against all types of pests in Memphis TN Metro Area. Allied is also a part of the Rentokil family and is backed by global pest control leaders, allowing us to provide advanced services at competitive prices. If you want to learn more about how our home extermination or pest control services work, give us a call today!

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