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As a property manager, we understand that your responsibilities are vast and demanding. From overseeing maintenance to tenant relations, your plate is undoubtedly full. That’s why, at Allied Termite & Pest Control, we strive to alleviate one major concern from your mind: pest control. With our extensive experience and expertise, we take pride in partnering with property managers throughout the Memphis TN Metro Area area to deliver exceptional and reliable pest control services.

When you choose to partner with us for property management pest control, you can expect a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our team of trained technicians will work closely with you to understand the unique needs and challenges of your properties. We recognize that every property is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t suffice. That’s why we go the extra mile to design a customized pest control plan tailored specifically to your requirements.

We Make Pest Control Easy for Property Managers

By entrusting us with your property management pest control needs, you gain the freedom and peace of mind to focus on other critical aspects of your role. We understand the importance of your time, and our goal is to ensure that pest control becomes a worry-free aspect of property management. Below is a list of benefits you’ll get when you work with us:

  • Comprehensive property management pest control: Our company is fully licensed, EPA certified, and equipped to handle any pest problem you have.
  • Resident satisfaction: Our property management exterminators regularly contact you to see if your residents are having any pest problems.
  • Safety and reduced liability: We use only the most effective and environmentally sensitive pest control solutions, applying the safest possible products available. This is particularly important where seniors, children, and pets live.
  • Reliability and security: Our property management exterminators are among the highest trained in the industry. This means you only receive licensed, uniformed, and security-screened technicians working on your properties.

Tips for Preventing an Infestation

It’s much easier to avoid an infestation than it is to get rid of one, which is why it’s important to invest some time and energy into prevention. In addition to partnering with us, you can implement some of these tactics to keep pests out of your rental properties:

  1. Regular Inspections: Conduct regular inspections of your rental properties to identify and address any potential entry points or signs of pest activity. Early detection can help prevent infestations from taking hold.
  2. Seal Entry Points: Close off any gaps or cracks in the building’s exterior, including around doors, windows, pipes, and utility openings. This helps prevent pests from finding their way indoors.
  3. Proper Waste Management: Encourage tenants to dispose of trash in sealed bins and schedule regular garbage collection. Also, ensure that outdoor trash receptacles are kept away from the building to deter pests.
  4. Tenant Education: Educate your tenants about the importance of cleanliness and proper sanitation practices. Encourage them to promptly report any signs of pests and emphasize the need to maintain a tidy living space.
  5. Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean common areas, including hallways, staircases, and laundry facilities. Pay attention to areas prone to spills, food debris, or moisture, as these can attract pests.
  6. Adequate Storage: Encourage tenants to store their belongings in sealed containers or bins, especially in areas such as basements, attics, or storage units. This helps prevent pests from using these spaces as hiding spots or nesting areas.
  7. Landscaping Maintenance: Keep the surrounding landscaping well-maintained, ensuring there is no overgrown vegetation or standing water that can attract pests. Regularly trim bushes and trees away from the property to minimize pest access points.
  8. Prompt Repairs: Address any maintenance issues promptly, such as leaks, faulty plumbing, or cracks in walls. Moisture problems can attract pests, so ensuring a dry and well-maintained environment is crucial.
  9. Communication Channels: Establish open lines of communication with your tenants, encouraging them to report any pest concerns immediately. Promptly address these issues to prevent them from escalating and affecting other units.

Pest Control for Property Management Companies

Choose Allied Termite & Pest Control as your trusted partner in pest control for property management companies. With our expertise, dedication, and tailored solutions, we are committed to providing exceptional service and reliable pest control for your properties. Our experienced technicians will work closely with you to develop customized plans that address the specific needs and challenges of your portfolio. By entrusting us with your pest control needs, you can focus on the core aspects of property management while we ensure a pest-free* environment for your properties and tenants. Experience peace of mind, efficiency, and a reputation for well-maintained properties by working with Allied Termite & Pest Control today.

To learn more about our property management pest control or schedule an inspection, contact us today.

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