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An exceptional customer experience is a key factor in the success of any retail business. One pest problem can quickly drive away business and ruin the reputation you’ve built. That’s why, when it comes to keeping your retail shop in good standing, you should always call a professional exterminator with retail pest control experience at the first sign of infestation.

Trusted since 1976, Allied Termite & Pest Control proudly provides effective, reliable, and discreet pest control to retail stores in Memphis TN Metro Area.

Which Pests Are Common in Retail Stores?

The amount of foot traffic storefronts receive on a daily basis makes pest infestations inevitable. But consumers have little patience if they happen to see one; they’ll quickly find somewhere else to shop. So, which pests should you be on the lookout for?

In the Memphis TN Metro Area area, some of the most common types of pests in retail properties include:

How Pest Control Works in Retail Environments

To keep pests out and customers in, you’ll want to work with experienced retail pest control experts. Our pest control procedure for retail stores includes the following steps:

  1. We perform a thorough inspection of the retail building and surrounding grounds.
  2. We identify the pests, where they’re coming from and the conditions that may be attracting them.
  3. We develop a retail pest control plan that’s tailored to your store’s needs.
  4. We properly seal entry points and implement exclusion efforts to limit future sources of infestation.
  5. We provide ongoing assistance and visits when needed. Our team is committed to surpassing your expectations and keeping your retail business pest-free.

Industry-Leading Retail Pest Control

As a retail store owner, you know that every time someone walks in – whether it’s a longtime patron or a new customer – it needs to be a great experience. Consumers are fickle, and a negative experience with pests can often be enough to drive them away. And in the Internet age, that experience could result in a review or social media post that costs you much more than one customer.

Allied Termite & Pest Control makes it easy to keep your retail location pest-free all year long. Since 1976, we’ve proudly worked with retail store owners all over Memphis TN Metro Area, and we’d be proud to work with you next.

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