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Mosquito sprays and barrier treatments are the most popular ways for mosquito management in the Memphis, TN metro area. However, an important question arises: are these treatments safe? Working with a professional mosquito exterminator employing EPA-certified products provides reassurance regarding your family’s safety. These professionals have the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to apply insecticides correctly and minimize risks. Attempting Do-It-Yourself treatments poses heightened risks, underlining the significance of seeking professional assistance.

Are Mosquito Yard Treatments Safe?

Worries about harming your garden or plants may arise when mosquito treatment is applied in your backyard. Here are some ways to evaluate the safety of mosquito treatment:

  • EPA Approved: Ensure that any store-bought products you purchase have been approved by the EPA.
  • Follow Instructions: Be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions every time you apply any mosquito treatment. 
  • Reconsider DIY: Before attempting any Do-It-Yourself treatments, take a moment to reconsider and then contact your local mosquito exterminator for help. 

Is Mosquito Spray Harmful to Humans or Pets?

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved several pesticides for residential mosquito treatments. However, they caution against the risks associated with untrained individuals attempting to use them. Pregnant women, young children, and those with respiratory conditions may be more sensitive to pesticides and should take precautions when treatments are applied.. Improper application of mosquito treatments can lead to toxins damaging nearby plants, foliage, and beneficial insects. It can also increase the risk of chemicals harming your family or pets. 

Safest Mosquito Treatment in The Memphis TN Metro Area

For peace of mind regarding the safety of your mosquito treatment for yourself, your family, and your yard, seeking assistance from a professional pest control expert is the wisest decision. You can be confident that a certified, licensed mosquito exterminator possesses the necessary training and certification to deliver a tailored mosquito treatment on your property that is both safe and efficient. For reliable mosquito treatment in the Memphis, TN metro area, choose Allied Termite & Pest Control.Back to Mosquito Treatment

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