Varied Carpet Beetle


Actual Size: 2 to 3 mm

Characteristics: Oval bodies that are black in the center and have irregular patterns of white, brown, and yellow scales.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Yes, and they can fly.

Habitat: When indoors, they primarily feed on dead insects and wool-based decorations such as carpeting or wall hangings.


  • Consumes both animal and plant products.
  • Notorious for ingesting carpet, wool, hair, and leather.
  • Are strong flyers that often enter homes through windows.

Varied Carpet Beetles in Memphis TN Metro Area

The varied carpet beetle, named for the diverse colors on its back, is recognized as the most prevalent carpet beetle species in Memphis TN Metro Area. These small insects have a diet that includes carpet and other natural fibers. Homeowners often notice carpet beetle larvae first, as they are commonly striped and covered in bristles, giving them a furry appearance. As these larvae grow, they shed their outer coverings, providing another characteristic sign of a carpet beetle infestation.

Varied Carpet Beetle Habitat

Female beetles in the outdoors actively seek spider webs, bees, wasps, and bird nests to deposit their eggs. These nests and webs hold deceased insects, beeswax, pollen, feathers, and other debris that can nourish the beetle larvae. Varied carpet beetles can go unnoticed in numerous households. When their numbers are small, they can actually be advantageous to your home since they effectively decompose decaying organic material and act as a kind of insect janitor. Adult beetles typically emerge during the spring or early summer. When indoors, you’ll frequently spot them near windows.

Varied Carpet Beetle Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Carpet beetles have a scavenging nature. They frequently establish themselves in homes, especially in spacious, aging houses, where they thrive in attics by consuming deceased insects. Subsequently, they migrate downwards and infest Oriental rugs, wall hangings, and wall-to-wall carpets made of wood materials. The varied carpet beetle has a documented history of feeding on a wide range of animal and plant items, including carpets, wool products, skins, furs, stuffed animals, leather book covers, and deceased insects and spiders. If you believe that your home has fallen victim to a carpet beetle infestation, contact a beetle control expert.