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How Do I Get a WDI Report in Memphis TN Metro Area?

When buying or selling a property in Memphis TN Metro Area, a wood-destroying insect report (WDI report) is extremely important. This report, provided by a pest control company, will determine if the property has or had termite activity.

If you need a WDI report, it is best to contact a professional pest control company. When conducted by a registered pest control expert, the WDI report will be able to document if there are or were wood-destroying insects on the property. Additionally, a WDI report will be able to identify areas that are vulnerable to future termite infestation. This report is crucial when buying or selling property.

How do I get a Wood Damaging Insect Inspection (WDI) report in Cordova, TN |  Allied Termite & Pest Control

What are WDI Reports?

When you contat a professional pes control expert in Memphis TN Metro Area to perform a wood-destroying insect report, they will thoroughly inspect your home or business for any signs of wood-destroying insects. While they mainly focus on termites, a WDI inspection will also look for other wood-destroying insects like beetles. The inspector will also look for signs of previous termite treatments or infestations, giving the buyer and seller peace of mind that the home is termite-free.

How do WDI Inspections Work?

  1. A professional pest control expert will thoroughly inspect the property, looking for signs of wood-destroying insects.
  2. The inspector will look for signs of active and past termite activity and assess the risk of future infestations.
  3. They will check all accessible wooden structures, including decks and porches. They may or may not be able to inspect concealed areas, such as inside walls, beneath carpets, and more, without causing damage.
  4. After the inspection, the pest control expert will create a WDI report with their findings, noting the presence or absence of wood-destroying insects, including termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, and other pests. The report will also cover whether there was evidence of past treatments and the risk of future infestations.

Are WDI Reports Required in Memphis TN Metro Area?

Wood-destroying insect reports are normally required in all states. They are a crucial step in the buying process, as you do not want to purchase a property with termite issues. At Allied Termite & Pest Control, we provide thorough, expert WDI reports, giving you the peace of mind that your new home is free of wood-destroying pests.

How Do I Get a WDI Report in Memphis TN Metro Area? Serving Cordova & Somerville, TN

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