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How Much Damage Can Termites Cause in Memphis TN Metro Area?

In the United States, termites are the most destructive pest homeowners face, costing Americans an average of $5 billion in damages annually. These pests are often feared due to the damage they cause to homes. A termite’s diet consists of cellulose, a substance found in wood. Since most homes are made of wood, they are extremely vulnerable to these pests. Additionally, they are also known to infest and damage items around your property, like decks, sheds, and outdoor furniture.

Damage caused by termites in Cordova, TN |  Allied Termite & Pest Control

Early Signs of Termite Problems

It is often difficult to spot termite damage until it has caused extensive damage to your home. Inspect your property for signs of termites, such as discarded wings, droppings (also called frass), damaged wood, mud tubes up the side of the home, and swarming termites. If you see any of these signs of termites, contact a professional pest control company immediately to prevent further damage.

How Quickly Do Termites Damage Homes?

Fortunately for many homeowners, termite damage does not occur overnight; unfortunately, a termite infestation is often not found until it has become a major infestation. Any home is susceptible to termites, but several factors determine the speed and severity of damage caused by these pests. If not addressed quickly, a mature termite colony can cause massive damage to a home in a couple of years.

Termite Damage in Memphis TN Metro Area Homes

Each year, thousands of homes in the United States are infested and damaged by termites. Damage caused by termites can be hard to repair and cost thousands of dollars. Preventative treatments and routine inspections by a professional pest control company, like Allied Termite & Pest Control, are essential to protect your Memphis TN Metro Area home from these devastating pests.

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