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How do termites spread in Memphis TN Metro Area?

As a termite colony grows, so does the size and extent of the infestation spreading through your home. Additionally, termites often spread in the spring and summer when they swarm, looking to mate and establish new colonies.

Termites are notorious for silently spreading before being found. The rate and speed at which a termite colony can spread depends on several factors:

  • Presence of wood in contact with soil
  • Amount of moisture present
  • Climate and seasonal factors
  • Maturity and size of the termite colony
how do termites spread in Cordova, TN |  Allied Termite & Pest Control

How Quickly Do Termite Infestations Spread?

Damage caused by termites is typically only found after the colony has been silently growing and maturing for several years. A large, mature colony can be highly destructive, destroying up to a pound of wood daily. Although damage may seem minimal at first, over time, this damage can be devastating if left untreated. A single queen can lay more than 10 million eggs in a year, quickly creating colonies containing hundreds of thousands of termites. It is easy to see how easily termite colonies grow and spread.

Can I Get Termites From My Infested Neighbors?

Coming home to a termite treatment tent on your neighbor’s home or a termite exterminator at the business next door can make you panic. Having neighbors with termites does not automatically mean your home will be infested, but it is a clear sign you need to schedule a termite inspection. Like other pests, taking preventative measures against termites, like termite inspections and treatments, is crucial, even if your neighbors aren’t having termite issues.

How Do Termites Form New Colonies?

Termites spread through two main methods: traveling through mud tubes to new areas and creating new colonies after swarming and mating. While termites usually will not infest an entire neighborhood, learning a neighbor has a termite problem should put you on high alert. Investing in routine termite prevention and inspections through Allied Termite & Pest Control will protect your beautiful home from termites spreading and damaging it.

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