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How Do You Prevent Termites When Building a New Home in Memphis TN Metro Area?

When building a new home, applying termite prevention treatments right away is wise. Treating the soil and materials used to build your home protects you from termites from the beginning.

Many construction companies will work with professional pest control companies to apply termite prevention treatments during the build. These early treatments will give you the peace of mind that your new home is protected from termites before, during, and after construction!

How do you prevent termites when building a new home in Cordova, TN |  Allied Termite & Pest Control

How Can You Prevent Termites When Building?

The most common type of termites in Memphis TN Metro Area are subterranean termites. They require contact with the soil to thrive, which is why treating the soil surrounding your new home is a critical step. Other methods that help to create a barrier between termites and your new home are:

  1. Apply a chemical barrier to the soil around the foundation.
  2. Use pressure-treated or termite-resistant wood, such as resinous wood.
  3. Ensure the home has proper drainage by grading the land and sloping the soil away from the foundation.
  4. In areas like crawlspaces, make sure wood does not come in contact with the soil.
  5. Block entry points with galvanized steel or concrete barriers.
  6. Use concrete to create barriers to limit or eliminate wood-to-soil contact.
  7. Properly ventilate the home to prevent excess moisture and humidity.

How to Prevent Termites in New Homes in Memphis TN Metro Area

Even if your new home has preventative treatments, scheduling routine inspections and using preventative methods is still important. Common preventative methods include eliminating excess moisture, fixing leaky water pipes, removing dead or decaying wood, storing firewood away from the home, and minimizing the amount of wood coming into contact with the ground. While these methods are effective, partnering with a professional termite exterminator like Allied Termite & Pest Control is best to protect your beautiful home from termites.

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