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How Often Should I Get My Home Inspected For Termites in Memphis TN Metro Area?

The best and easiest way to prevent termites from infesting your Memphis TN Metro Area home is to invest in yearly termite inspections. Routine inspections from a professional pest control company are key to preventing termites from infesting your home.

Almost every type of home or business is vulnerable to termite problems that often seemingly happen out of nowhere. Without annual inspections, a termite infestation can grow significantly, causing extensive damage to your property. A professional termite exterminator can identify early signs of termite activity and prevent infestations from growing, giving you peace of mind.

How often should I get my home inspected for termites in Cordova, TN |  Allied Termite & Pest Control

Annual Termite Inspections in Memphis TN Metro Area

Whether you own a home or business, every property owner should consider annual termite inspections. It is important to remain extra vigilant and schedule routine professional termite inspections if you live in an older home, as it is more susceptible to termite issues. Even though newer buildings have less risk, termites can still be a problem and need annual inspections as well.

What to Look For During a Termite Inspection

Between your yearly inspections with a professional pest control company, you should monitor your property for signs of termite activity to prevent termites. Signs of termites include:

  1. Termite swarms: Termite swarms, which normally resemble flying ants, are often seen during the spring and summer as they look to establish a new colony.
  2. Discarded wings: After establishing a new colony, swarming termites shed their wings. Finding wings normally indicates that the termites are closeby.
  3. Termite droppings: Termite droppings, called frass, look like tiny coffee ground-sized little wood pellets.
  4. Mud tubes: Termites use mud tubes to travel to food sources safely. Mud tubes on your property or going up the side of your home are clear signs you have termites.

How Do I Get a Termite Inspection in Memphis TN Metro Area?

To schedule annual termite inspections, contact a professional termite control company like Allied Termite & Pest Control. We have been inspecting Memphis TN Metro Area homes and businesses for over 48, providing expert inspections and termite control services.

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