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Lawn & Garden Termite Prevention

Termites are known to be devastating pests around your home, but many do not know they can also wreak havoc on your yard, lawn, or garden.

Your lawn or garden is full of items containing cellulose, termites’ favorite food. Luckily, the same measures you take to prevent termites in your home can also prevent termites around your property, including throwing out decaying wood and limiting excess moisture.

Lawn & Garden termite prevention in Cordova, TN |  Allied Termite & Pest Control

Tips to Prevent Termites Outdoors

Any item containing cellulose is vulnerable to termites, including any sources of wood. By following these simple steps, you can help prevent termites on your Memphis TN Metro Area property:

  1. Termites are often found in rotten tree roots, dead trees, and decaying logs. Carefully remove these common termite lures.
  2. Make sure to elevate firewood several inches above the ground and store it away from your home.
  3. Termites prefer wet environments. Eliminate excess moisture by eliminating sources of water and fixing drainage issues.
  4. Partner with a professional pest control company to apply a termite treatment around your yard or garden.

Getting Rid of Termites Outdoors

At Allied Termite & Pest Control, we know you do not want to use dangerous termite treatments that could harm your garden. Many homeowners choose to use eco-friendly methods to protect their property from termites, including orange oil, cardboard traps, diatomaceous earth, nematodes, and boric acid. While these may help prevent termites, it is best to contact a professional termite exterminator if you have an active infestation. They have the skills and knowledge to safely eliminate termites and protect your yard and garden.

For more information about how to keep termites off your property, contact the experts at Allied Termite & Pest Control today!

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