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When is Termite Treatment Necessary in Memphis TN Metro Area?

Treating your home for termites is a continuous process to protect your home against termite infestations. Termite treatments are used to not only eliminate active infestations but also prevent future termite issues.

If you believe you have termites in your home or business, it is crucial to contact a professional termite exterminator and start treatment immediately. Once the infestation has been eliminated in your Memphis TN Metro Area home, preventative termite treatments will ensure your home is not infested by these destructive pests in the future.

When is termite treatment necessary in Cordova, TN |  Allied Termite & Pest Control

Termite Treatment Lifespan

Treating for termites is more than just a one-and-done process. Depending on the treatments used, the lifespan of the treatment can vary. When determining treatment type, exterminators will consider the severity of the infestations, species of termites, and effectiveness of previous treatments.

  • Liquid termiticides are often chosen as a long-lasting solution, with certain types lasting for over ten years.
  • Bait Stations provide continuous protection but require regular professional inspections.

What Time of Year Do I Need Termite Treatment?

Routine termite treatments from a professional pest control company will keep your Memphis TN Metro Area home protected from termite infestations. Many pest control companies, like Allied Termite & Pest Control, provide year-round treatments and inspections to ensure your home is protected during every season of the year, ensuring termites stay away for good. Some termite treatment options will require closer monitoring by a professional than others; having preventative termite treatments in place around your home will provide you with year-round protection.

Year-Round Termite Treatment

To prevent termites from infesting and damaging your home, most professional pest control companies recommend getting treated for termites at least once a year. Even if the applications of new treatments are not needed, having your home inspected annually is vital to ensure a termite-free home year-round.

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