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Mosquitoes are not only annoying but also carriers of disease. To ensure the best protection from mosquitoes, it’s highly suggested to have your home treated right before the mosquito season starts. However, mosquito treatment is available at any time. Barrier treatments can be applied either before or during the mosquito season. Ideally, having a professional apply mosquito treatment in the spring offers the most effective defense against mosquito issues. Early mosquito treatment disrupts the breeding cycle and prevents mosquitoes from multiplying exponentially. 

When is Mosquito Season in The Memphis TN Metro Area?

Across the nation, the onset of mosquito season varies because mosquito eggs require consistent temperatures of approximately 50 degrees to hatch. Once this condition is met, the mosquito population begins to increase, marking the commencement of the season. In the Memphis TN metro area, mosquito season commences in early March, emphasizing the importance of readiness for the impending surge in mosquito activity during the summer months, extending into fall.

When Do I Need Mosquito Treatment?

Waiting until a full-fledged mosquito problem arises before considering mosquito treatment is a common mistake made by many. By that time, the mosquito breeding population has already been established, making elimination more challenging. The most effective strategy for preventing mosquito problems is to initiate mosquito treatment at the end of the winter months. Though it may seem early to begin safeguarding your property, it proves invaluable in warding off the onslaught of mosquitoes months later.

What Time of Day Do You Spray For Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are highly active during dusk and dawn, as they search for food and lay eggs during these periods. The most effective approach is to apply mosquito barrier treatments or sprays during the cooler morning hours or at sunset. When collaborating with a professional mosquito exterminator for treatment, they’ll assist in identifying the optimal time for applying barrier treatment to your home.Back to Mosquito Treatment

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