Woodlouse Spider


Actual Size: 11 mm to 15 mm

Characteristics: Has a dirty-white colored abdomen with reddish legs.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Lives outdoors in shaded areas, such as inside of bark or beneath rocks. Tends to choose areas close to woodlice.


  • Earns its name for its habit of preying on woodlice, which are also known as pill-bugs.
  • Has a painful bite, though it is not considered medically dangerous.
  • May wander indoors when the weather is cold outside.

Woodlouse Spiders in Memphis TN Metro Area

Woodlouse spiders are frequently encountered in both homes and gardens across Memphis TN Metro Area. These spiders derive their name from their primary prey, the woodlouse, which are also commonly called sowbugs, isopods, or roly-polies. Equipped with long fangs and robust jaws, the woodlouse spider possesses specialized adaptations to puncture through the sturdy exoskeleton of woodlice, its exclusive source of food. To dispatch its prey, the spider employs a strategy of injecting venom beneath the curled body of the woodlouse.

Woodlouse Spider Habitat

Woodlouse spiders are creatures that come alive at night. They love damp places and are often seen in gardens, under rocks, or in the cool shade of logs. Unlike other spiders, they don’t make webs. Instead, they go on the hunt after the sun sets and use their jaws, which point forward, to catch their prey. Since these spiders prefer warm environments, they may accidentally find themselves in homes and buildings.

Woodlouse Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

The woodlouse spider’s bite doesn’t pose any harm to humans. Although their fangs can cause some pain due to their mechanical piercing action, the discomfort usually fades away within an hour. These spiders have a liking for decaying plants and wood, so you’ll often find them in basements, under stones and boards, near doors and windows, and in places where there’s rotting wood. Gardeners usually appreciate having these spiders around because they assist in controlling woodlice, which are troublesome pests for plants.

That said, an excess of woodlouse spiders can also be disconcerting. If you are worried about too many spiders on your property, don’t hesitate to contact your local spider exterminators.