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This year, Allied Termite & Pest Control is thrilled to lead you through an extraordinary natural event captivating Tennessee and its adjacent areas. We stand at the brink of experiencing a rare phenomenon, a moment when history and the present intersect through the enchanting ensemble of cicadas. This occasion is not only a spectacle but also an invaluable chance to learn about the natural cycles of our environment. Come along as we explore the fascinating aspects of cicadas, from their distinctive life cycles to the influence they exert on our environment, and discover strategies for living in harmony with these remarkable beings.

The Rarity Of This Event

The year 2024 is notable for witnessing the simultaneous emergence of two cicada broods in Tennessee and nearby states, a phenomenon that last occurred 221 years ago and won’t happen again until 2245. This unique event, spanning from mid-May to late June, presents a rare opportunity to observe these massive broods in unison.

Cicada Basics

Living mostly beneath the soil, cicadas surface solely for reproduction, which marks the conclusion of their life cycle. These insects, with life spans of either 17 or 13 years, partake in synchronized emergences that serenade the summer atmosphere with their vibrant songs. Typically only one breed of cicadas emerge at a time. 

Why Is This Important?

Cicadas, though not a threat to humans, can have a significant impact on young vegetation due to their large numbers. Gaining knowledge about their effects allows us to safeguard our foliage with minimal reliance on pest control interventions.

Dealing With Cicadas

Widespread treatment for cicadas is unnecessary. Allied Pest Control suggests employing straightforward methods, like netting for saplings, to shield them from harm during this notable natural episode.

An Unusual Aspect: Cicada Fluid Dynamics

Within the marvel of cicada emergences lies a lesser-known fact: their ability to project urine forcefully. Cicadias consume xylem which is the water and sap content of trees and plants, contrary to other xylem-feeders that release urine in drops, cicadas can eject fluids at velocities of up to three meters per second. This impressive feat, fueled by their considerable xylem intake, means you might unexpectedly find yourself sprinkled upon from above during cicada season.

Looking Ahead

The emergence of cicadas this year goes beyond mere fascination; it serves as a reflection on the intricacies and rhythms of nature. It invites us to witness and derive knowledge from an event that connects us through the ages, offering a deeper understanding of the natural world.

At Allied Termite & Pest Control we emphasize that this event is important for the balance of nature and shows the importance of human cohabitation with our insect friends. Contact us for any concerns or advice regarding this Cicada event or other pest matters. 

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