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There is a popular myth that spiders are more active during the late summer. While it might seem that way, the reality is much different. Various spider species adapt and thrive differently in response to changing weather conditions. Spider activity is constant throughout all seasons, making spiders in your home a year-round possibility. They can enter your home through cracks and gaps in your foundation, holes in window screens, and spaces between your doorframe and the door itself. Here’s a helpful overview of spider behavior throughout the four seasons of Memphis.


In the summertime, you will witness increased activity among various creatures, including spiders. While different spider species remain active throughout the year, their movements and hunting tendencies become more prominent during the warmer months. In search of food, spiders are more likely to take up residence in your home. To prevent spiders from invading your living space, it’s wise to implement regular spider pest control practices. 


In fall, the offspring from springtime eggs have matured into adult spiders, resulting in their increased prevalence and often larger sizes. Fall also marks the mating season for many spider species, prompting them to venture out in search of mates. As winter approaches, spiders seek out warm shelters. The spiders that didn’t lay eggs in spring will begin looking for shelter to lay their eggs during this time.


In colder temperatures, certain spider species don’t enter hibernation mode. Instead of seeking warmth, some spiders can generate a glycol compound that functions like the antifreeze in automobiles. 


Spiders that remained hidden during the winter months become active as spring brings warmth. Many female spider species lay eggs during the initial months of milder weather, with egg quantities ranging into the thousands. During spring, it’s essential to carefully examine your home for potential entry points that spiders might use.

Eliminate Spiders Immediately 

Considering that spiders can infiltrate homes at any point in the year, maintaining consistent vigilance with pest control and regular inspections is crucial. Depending on the species, spiders can live for up to 25 years, so a spider issue could persist for an extended duration. To prevent spiders from becoming unwelcome guests in your home this year, reach out to the professionals at Allied Termite & Pest Control for your ongoing and year-long pest control needs!

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