Giant House Spider


Actual Size: ¾ with 2” leg span

Characteristics: Large size; brown, gray, or black with a pattern on the back.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Not good climbers and often found at ground-level. Builds flat and messy webs with a “funnel” at one end.


  • Not good climbers and easily become trapped in sinks, bathtubs, and other spaces.
  • Most active in autumn when they are fully grown.
  • Tends to stay in dark places such as storage sheds or firewood piles.

Giant House Spiders in Memphis TN Metro Area

The giant house spider is abundantly found in Memphis TN Metro Area. It was previously believed to possess venom, but subsequent research has revealed that its venom has minimal or negligible toxicity. These spiders can be discovered in dimly lit corners of rooms, storage sheds, barns, bridges, fences, and various other structures. Typically, the giant house spider builds funnel-shaped webs in window angles and corners. While they primarily thrive outdoors, they have a tendency to hitchhike and can inadvertently be brought indoors when they hide in boxes, firewood, or other personal belongings.

Giant House Spider Habitat

Giant house spiders are frequently encountered in garages, basements, and outdoor areas, such as firewood piles or gaps between bricks or stones. They construct webs characterized by a central funnel-like opening, which serves as their waiting spot for prey. These spiders are not inclined towards climbing and, when indoors, can be found on the floor or occasionally trapped in sinks and bathtubs when they venture in search of water. They typically seek to avoid contact with humans and tend to hide during the day, making their presence more noticeable during nighttime hours.

Giant House Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Giant house spiders are commonly observed indoors during the autumn season, as they have reached their maximum size by then. Despite their imposing appearance, these spiders are not aggressive and typically scurry away swiftly when startled. While it is uncommon, a bite from a giant house spider may occur if it feels threatened. However, such bites are not considered serious, and the venom of these spiders is only a concern for individuals with specific allergies. Apart from their size and intimidating look, giant house spiders do not pose significant threats to people. That said, they can be very unnerving to come across in your property. If youa re dealing with an infestation, contact a professional spider exterminator for help with giant house spiders.