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Mosquito Identification

It is common to misidentify mosquitoes for other insects. The defining characteristics that set them apart include their long proboscis (which is used to feed), and their small size. An exterminator is also able to help you define what type of insect or mosquito you are dealing with.

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Female mosquitoes need a source of stagnant water to reproduce and lay her eggs in. Examples of stagnant water that are popular breeding areas include buckets, birdbaths, or stacks of tires.

From egg to adult, the life cycle of a mosquito takes just a couple of weeks. Learning about the life cycle of a mosquito is important if you want to keep these pests from reproducing on your property and sparking an infestation. Learn more here.

We all know someone who is a “mosquito magnet”. Some factors play into attracting mosquitos, including natural scent and blood type.

Blood is not the only thing that mosquitoes consume. Only females require and consume blood meals. The main source of sustenance for a mosquito is nectar.

Mosquitoes are most known for their bites. In general, mosquito bites heal in just a few days with mild symptoms. Learn how to identify mosquito bites with expert tips.

Mosquitoes are notorious for spreading some of the deadliest diseases globally, including West Nile virus and Zika. Discover everything you need to know about diseases transmitted by mosquitoes here.

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