Wildlife Control

Allied offers Memphis wildlife control because we know that sometimes wild animals find their way into and around homes. Many communities in the Mid-South are built near tree lines making wildlife a fact of life. Lots of species found in our area, are known to carry disease or can tear up homes and yards, which is why Allied is committed to animal control, wildlife removal and wildlife prevention.

We service the following areas: Germantown, Collierville, Memphis, Olive Branch, Bartlett, Cordova and Southaven.



Raccoons are a common issue in the Memphis area. They can find their way into your attic which offers the perfect place to raise a litter. Raccoons are also capable of getting into your chimney or even under your home.

In residential areas, raccoons can pose serious issues as they are known to carry diseases, such as rabies, mange and distemper which can be passed to humans and pets. They are also prone to causing damage as they try to enter your home or rummage through garbage.

Raccoons are very strong and crafty making them difficult to trap. If you have a raccoon issue, contact the experts at Allied Pest Control.


Squirrels are known to jump from trees onto roofs and make their way into gutters and attics. They can easily gnaw through your home’s siding or joints to find their way in. From there, they can roam your attic and even find their way inside your walls. This makes them difficult to catch. Leave squirrel removal and control to the professionals. Allied is experienced and has quality traps to ensure that your squirrel problem is taken care of.


Opossums are another wildlife animal that can inhabit your home and cause damage. While not typically a risk for rabies, they can carry other diseases that are more likely to be transferred when an opossum invades your home. They are typically found in attics or crawlspaces.

While typically moving at night, if food is readily available opossums will move around residential areas during the daytime. Allied’s experts are trained to safely trap and remove opossums from your home and neighborhood.


Allied is familiar with armadillo control efforts too. Armadillos are great diggers and commonly destroy yards in search for food. They are known for burrowing and can even burrow under buildings while searching for grubs.

The best course of action is to call a professional wildlife control team to capture the animal and then install fencing around the area to prevent return visits.


When you have a skunk problem, it is a major issue. They typically travel in groups and can make their way under your home or into crawlspaces. Homeowners are none the wiser until their home begins to smell. As soon as you suspect a skunk issue in your home or yard, contact Allied Pest Control. There is no repellent for skunks; the best course of action is to remove the animal from the area.


Mole removal is a common request in the Mid-South area. They are known to create large tunnel systems and destroy yards in the process. Additionally, if you or a pet step into a hole left by a mole, it can cause injury. If you notice burrows on your property, contact the wildlife removal experts at Allied.

Roof Rats

Roof rats get their name from their tendency to find shelter within the upper parts of buildings. Once inside, they can cause damage by gnawing and are known for contaminate food. Additionally, rats carry diseases making rat removal a job for the professionals. Call Allied if you are experiencing roof rats in any of our service cities: Olive Branch, Germantown, Bartlett, Southaven, Cordova, Memphis, Collierville or surrounding areas.


As development continues, foxes are being forced to live residentially. This is made easier by the abundant source of food, water and shelter found in residential communities. Foxes have a natural fear of people but scaring them away isn’t the best option. Fox removal is usually the best course of action, especially if they have begun denning near your home. Allied’s technicians are trained to handle fox removal.

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